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Welcome to my page, and thank you HD-16 for electing me to represent our community in the Colorado House!


When I ran to be our district’s representative in the Colorado General Assembly, I pledged to fight for a solid foundation in life for every Coloradan.


Since taking office in January of 2023, I’ve:

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I strongly believe that Colorado Springs was ready for an upgrade in our representation in the state Capitol, and that my lived experience and working class grit would make for a valuable contribution. I’m not a member of the political class, and I come to this work as a survivor of childhood trauma, mental illness, and disability.


I lived to fight another day, and finally got my feet under me, only because a few things worked out for me just in time. Those are terrible odds, and everyday people in our community deserve to have government support their interests and ensure that the basics of a good life are accessible to all.

It’s been an enormous privilege to serve our district in the people’s house of Colorado and there’s so much more to do. I look forward to earning your vote this November to go back for two more years.

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The District

HD16 is located in central Colorado Springs and contains historic and diverse neighborhoods like Knob Hill, the Old North End, Patty Jewett, and Cragmor.

The district is home to the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and cherished natural spaces like Palmer Park and Pulpit Rock Open Space.

Find your district here.

Our city and our state are going through a time of incredible change and rapid growth, all while facing challenges brought on by climate change, increased public health and safety threats, and even attacks on crucial institutions like public education and the democratic process itself.


And this is all on top of never ending financial difficulty, even for the hardest working people and their families.

I can say from experience that these are the exact moments we don't want to waste on business as usual. Structural and systemic problems have been exposed, and we’ll set ourselves up for lasting prosperity by investing in our shared future.

Self-determination is a basic human right, and I’m proud to say, also a core Colorado value. It’s why we don’t police people’s bodies and bedrooms in our great state, but it’s also why we should strive to make it easier to access essentials like housing and healthcare and transportation, to start a small business, form a union, go to school, experience nature, and have a real-world opportunity to thrive. This great aspiration isn’t achieved by accident. We have to nurture it intentionally.

We are right to be proud of our tradition as a frontier, bellwether state. We should take advantage of this pivotal moment in our history to grow out of adversity, and build a solid foundation in life for every Coloradan.

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