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Sunday, May 1st, 2022

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I’m running for the Colorado State House because I believe my lived experience should be present where big decisions are made.

I’m a low-income renter, an essential worker, and formerly disabled, and I started getting more politically involved when I went into long-term recovery. I realized that as a survivor of childhood trauma and mental illness, and as someone who’s had to advocate so much for myself just to survive, I’m uniquely qualified to shape public policy that leaves no one behind and provides a solid foundation in life for every Coloradan.

Colorado Springs
deserves better representation

Our city and our state are going through a time of incredible change and rapid growth, all while facing challenges brought on by climate change, increased public health and safety threats, and even attacks on crucial institutions like public education and the democratic process itself. And this is all on top of never ending financial difficulty, even for the hardest working people and their families.

I can say from experience that these are the exact moments we don't want to waste on business as usual. Structural and systemic problems have been exposed, and we’ll set ourselves up for lasting prosperity by investing in our shared future.

Self-determination is a basic human right, and I’m proud to say, also a core Colorado value. It’s why we don’t police people’s bodies and bedrooms in our great state, but it’s also why we should strive to make it easier to access essentials like housing and healthcare and transportation, to start a small business, form a union, go to school, experience nature, and have a real-world opportunity to thrive. This great aspiration isn’t achieved by accident. We have to nurture it intentionally.

We are right to be proud of our tradition as a frontier, bellwether state. We should take advantage of this pivotal moment in our history to grow out of adversity, and build a solid foundation in life for every Coloradan.

Here are some key issues I'll prioritize as your representative:

Environment Activists Protest
Climate & Energy

Protecting our

I accept the scientific consensus on man-made climate change, and will use my position to ramp up development of renewable energy and protect our air, water, and soil from pollutants.

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Strengthening Public Schools

Public education is a public good, not a private commodity. It strengthens our communities and our democracy, and should be fully funded for all Coloradans.

basic cos apts.jpg

Equity & Justice
in Housing

This is a deeply complicated, multifaceted problem, but the first step is fairly obvious: we need to  put our government to work for us, and stop letting a profit-driven market be the sole arbiter of who does and does not get to be housed.

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- Stephanie

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