Why I'm Running

We’ve made a lot of progress in Colorado and we should be proud of what we’ve accomplished. The challenge is: where do we go from here? We’re turning into quite a metropolis along the Front Range and that requires thoughtful planning to sustain our quality of life and preserve what makes Colorado great.


I’m running to represent House District 16 in the Colorado State Legislature because perspectives like mine need to be present and accounted for where our laws are being made. I don’t come to this work with a law degree or any formal education in public policy; I come to this work as a survivor of childhood trauma and subsequent poverty and disability. I got to live to fight another day because of a combination of our humble social safety net, support from siblings, and returning to Colorado Springs after some years away.


I don't accept that this is the best we can do for ourselves: permitting essential resources like healthcare, housing, and transit to be left to the whims of volatile markets, and leaving so many behind. There is no reason why a thriving economy like we have in Colorado should provide anything less than a solid foundation on which all Coloradans can thrive.


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